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The Milkman


Milkman은 JHS Pedals 의 Josh Scott, Milkman Sound 의 Tim Marcus 와의 공동 작업으로 탄생한 제품으로, 에코 & 슬랩 딜레이와 올웨이즈 인핸서 (always-on enhancer)로 사용 할 수있는 부스트로 구성된 2-in-1 페달입니다. 

- Maximum delay time of about 240ms makes dialing in the perfect slap much easier 
- Controls for Slap (time), Mix (delay level), Repeat (number of repeats), and EQ (tone of repeats) 
- Tuned to sound great on any setting
- Discrete amplifier-based circuit with tons of power and character
- At unity settings, it adds clarity and a 3D quality to your tone
- Can be used independent of the pedal’s echo effect

The Milkman uses standard 9v DC Negative power only.

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