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A-LP01 JAMMER Looper


A-LP01 JAMMER Looper

고품질의 사운드 레코딩과 플레이 백이 가능한 Looper.

최대 10분의 레코딩 타임, 무제한 오버더빙 저잡음 설계


*Model: A-LP01 Jammer Looper

*Digital circuit design , high quality recording and playback, low noise level.

*Compact size loop recording effect pedal with true bypass.

*Maximum recording time is up to 10 minutes.

*Supports undo, redo, limitless overdub and delete recording functions.

*With one knob for adjusting the output volume.

*Power: 9V DC Center Negative

*N.W: 0.2kg    G.W: 0.22kg

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