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About Vitalizer™

Active Impedance Converter


The Vitalizer™ is an Active Impedance Converter that delivers lively signal while preventing degrading the sound quality and picking up noise.

Passive/High impedance signal is a weak electric signal and it is more likely to be affected its sound quality when long cable such as 20m are used or many true-bypass pedals are connected in the signal chain.
The Vitalizer™ demonstrates its power at best under those conditions. The signal that went through the Vitalizer™ doesn't seem to sound different, but it helps avoid picking noise up and degrading sound signal.

The Vitalizer™ is one of the buffers that converts high impedance signal that are more likely to degrade the sound quality by picking up noise or losing higher frequency sound while going through the wiring and electric circuits to low impedance signal that are less likely to be affected by those problems. It is an Active Impedance Converter that Providence has applied original invention to make sure the sound doesn't get too Hi-Fi while respecting guitars and effect pedals' character of sound signals.

It is generally said that an ideal buffer amp is developed with infinite input impedance and zero output impedance. By converting input impedance to high impedance, it enables to deliver the sound signal's quality and volume accurately. Moreover, the low impedance output signal helps prevent losing tone and noise from cables, and delivers strong signal to other units. 

In general, the audio that aim to achieve Hi-fi sound uses a buffer amp consist of the high quality parts and circuit. The Vitalizer™ was developed based off this idea while boosting its characteristics and minimizing the sound character change. It also delivers natural faithful instrument sound by using a special circuit that minimizes the "Active" sound.

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