Timber Tones Fat Lignum Vitae 1 Guitar Pick



Lignum Vitae

We recommend Lignum Vitae for Electric Guitar.


Lignum Vitae is a relatively open-grained timber that polishes to a smooth finish. The hardness ensures that it can withstand the rigors of electric guitar playing whilst it has slightly more Brightness to the tone than Ebony.


Lignum Vitae picks are CNC Milled from the very best quality timber then hand sanded and hand polished to give them their amazing shine and smoothness. Timber Tones Fat unique shape is roughly based upon the classic 351 design, however they are 4.75mm thick where you hold them, chamfering down to 0.7mm at the playing tip.


This pack contains 1 Lignum Vitae Timber Tones Fat Guitar Pick.


Although we have tried to ensure that our photos represent the Guitar Pick that you will receive, there is a high level of variety in our picks due to the nature of many of our natural materials.

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